ACrown- Final Stamp Design

​In the previous weeks we were assigned to learn about negative and positive space. To learn more about negative and positive space in a drawing I had to research and do other drawings identifying the negative and positive space. Leading up to a final assignment where we had to make a rubber stamp that represented ourselves. 
For my stamp I designed an asymmetrical crown made by different components. When brainstorming some words that described myself I came up with versatile, calm and urban. This actually was my second design that I had came up with. I feel as though this stamp is a combination of the everything I am.
Negative and positive space is important because it's in almost im every picture and every good artist should know how to identify which one is which. When first learning about negative and positive space it is difficult to separate the difference between them but after a couple articles it is easy to decide which one is negative or positive. Along the way I learned that positive and negative space is something I knew about since I was younger I just never knew what its actual name was. Also positive and negative is in almost every piece of artwork that you see