Adowa Mohamed: Media Fluency

My goal for this slide is to make it easy to understand and appealing to the eye. I made one of my pictures bleed and overlap to make it personal. I learned about these techniques from the Presentation Zen website. Another thing I added to my slide were facts and little details about my self. I believe this slide is interesting and will grasp the attention of the reader. 

I chose images that meant something to me personally. I also only chose three pictures and balanced them out diagonally across the slide.This made the slide more appealing to the eyes. I chose the Canadian Flag to because I love Canada and I also have a picture of the hunger games trilogy. The hunger games is one of my favorite trilogy. Then I have a picture of the three top colleges that I would love to attend. Also to end off my slide I added one of my favorite quotes by Malcolm X. The quote has a really good meaning to it and tell students and kids that the only way to succeed in life is to be educated.Also for my slide I left some negative space so it would not look confusing and cluttered.

  I am very pleased with the fact that I now know how to make a slide look interesting and will apply this to future assignments. These techniques are also used in advertisements. 

Edited Slide for Tech #1
For my new slide I focused more on one topic which is Canada and then I focused on one color. This slide is better then the previous one because the other one had to many pictures that had nothing to do with each other.  Then I also focused on the topic "Canada" and made the background of my slide the Canadian flag. This slide was nice and simple and to the point. I really feel confident that this slide is more appealing to the eyes of the reader. 

Comments (9)

Heaven Mendez (Student 2016)
Heaven Mendez

I noticed how you decided to focus on one thing in the second slide, rather than a group of things, like you did on the first. I wonder if there could be a way to incorporate everything you put in the first slide, while still having it as coordinated as the second.

Brittany Atkinson (Student 2016)
Brittany Atkinson

I noticed how you changed a lot from the first slide. It really focuses one thing. I wonder how you could improve this slide even more. Maybe you could have coordinated the colors more.

Bella Mezzaroba (Student 2016)
Bella Mezzaroba

I notice that your edited slide is very well focused. I wonder what your slide would look like if you used the rule of thirds. What if you added just a little more to it.

Kara Rosenberg (Student 2016)
Kara Rosenberg

I notice how your second slide is only focused on one thing instead of a bunch of different ideas. I wonder how your slide would look if the word Canada was completely centered.