Adults and lower expectations for kids education

Adults have lower expectations for kids education than they did in the past. This is because of the huge achievement gap, low graduation rates and less standards. Education for the last generation was different from what it is now.

The achievement gap is testing, test scores and work output amongst each different race in education. Teachers and other people have been trying to close the achievement gap since 1970. However, Progress came to a halt in 1988 because people lost interest. Standardized testing scores show that some schools have a high achievement level whereas others have a low achievement levels. Expectations for some students are lower because of the testing scores and the curriculum they teach. When parents hold their kids to a lower expectation, the kids can figure it out and don’t believe that they’re capable of a lot.

Second Reason:  But this is different for a lot of parents with kids who have disabilities or who are disadvantaged at birth.  

Conclusion: This is just two examples of why adults have a lower expectations for their kids education. Adults don’t think this generation education well get better.  The huge achievement gap getting bigger. The type of schools kids go to. Because of these things
affect how adults see their kids on there expetions.

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Scott La (Student 2018)
Scott La

I think your right about that because each generation years get different with education and relationship between teacher and student also parents.

Sydnye Misero (Student 2018)
Sydnye Misero

I like the topic of this essay but it did not change my way of thinking. I believe that we have even higher expectation on us, because of how active our generation is politically and with our own futures. Inforation you could have provided would have been if our test scores were lower, providing accomplishments of older generations that you believe we cannot accomplish.