Advance Art slideshow Quarter Two

In this unit, I have created 5 different types of art creation. We start off with Blind contour is when you look up at something in a draw without look down on the paper. This was very hard for, because usually I won't make my line and curve nicely by a look at it. Then we had to add color to the cantor. As right now I was disappointed the way I color the cantor. The cantor has helped me understand how difficult an art has to work. Then our second assignment you had to Choose your own painting and I recreate a nice painting of Boohbah from my childhood so it was a great connection. It turns out to do nicely, but painting was very hard because you want to keep in line. After a look at the painting I know this was going to be great have a great connection. Recreate an art piece I wanted to do something that inspires everyone and I remember our first black president has great inspiration because how he has carried himself. President Obama has inspired me since I was a little kid. I member watch t.v hoping he was going to be our first president. Illustration from a piece art I choose one my favorite album born sinner from J Cole. The album helps me go through hard loss basketball game. Born Sinner has a true story behind every song. It a story of J Cole up and down in life. This might be my favorite assignment to do in this quarter. Photo editing our last assignment for the quarter. I didn't understand the connection between the art and photo editing. But as my editing it has a lot because you have to fix the color contrast and make people really look at one part of the photo which is call depth of the field. This assignment will help in the future because I want to go into Photography. Overall, I have learned a lot of about a turn assignment in on time. I also have reflected in my art. I have learned it's not easy to just believe in skills. Most of the art I create I have inspiration from my childhood because I can remember the good time when I use to go home and watch t.v. Then I have a conversation with my friends who gave me ideas.