Advanced Art Photo Gallery by Jared Trusty

The four assignments that I had to do was a self portrait, bat cut outs, a free draw, and a ceiling tile. To create my projects, I made sections on my pages and ceiling tile. On my ceiling tile, I cut the board into 4 sections. From the origin i could then draw the facial features of the character that I painted. For my self portrait i divided my head into six parts to create my eyes, nose and mouth. Everything else that I added to my face would follow from space. My free drawing is a picture of Athena. She has a shield on her left hand, spear in her right hand, and an owl on her left shoulder. For some reason I wanted to just draw my visualization of her. My ceiling tile had a little more thought, I decided to paint a character from Clash of Clans. Clash of Clans is one of my favorite mobile games and i believe it best represents me. For the bat cut outs I tried to form a bat symbol just so add a little extra to the assignment. In my self portrait, i used a symbol pose to achieve a full resemblance of me. My shading of my skin is not accurate but my facial feature match completely.