Advanced Essay #1: Work Vs. Cat

My essay is to show that there's needs to be a balance between work and life. I also want people to know that not all your helpers have to be human. What I'm most proud of this essay is that I was able to convey my story and larger idea with a limited amount of words. In the future, ways I wish to improve my writing is to have more figurative language and try to introduce my idea a bit earlier in my essay.

                                                                                        Work Vs. Cat

Snow came hurling down as the winds howled in Philly. Everyone have been lured to sleep by the nighttime. I sit in my room, eyes flying over paper by paper, making sure the project is right. It’s so hard for it to be right when everything seems to be blurry. My eyes are half-open and red, sleep deprived. So much so that I hear scratching at the door. It was only until 10 minutes later that I knew it wasn’t just me. I smiled. I got up, went to my door, and opened it. Sprinted in my grey and white tabby cat, Tony. By the time I closed the door, Tony was rolling all over my papers, my pencil gone. “Ok Tony, let’s get to bed.” I look outside. The snow is deep. “I have tomorrow.” I put my stuff in my bookbag and turn off the lights. I climb into bed. I can hear the jingles of Tony’s collar as he settles in. I relax. The moon shines over us both as we, too, were lured to sleep.

Before, I would have never cared staying up late. I would have continued working into the morning. Just to make my work perfect. I didn’t have friends and I was distant from my family. I was just a machine running its program every day.

When people hear of my neighborhood, looks of pity becomes common. I was sick of it. So I worked to prove them that I’m not another stereotype. Along the way, this goal became my life. That life ended when Tony was born. We had his mother, Oobie, for several years. Each year a new litter was born to give away. Nothing new. Except when we gave all the kittens, but Tony, away. Mom and Zoe decided to keep him. As long he stays out my way, I thought.

Two years later, it’s 2 am. Everyone is asleep. A project is all that’s on my mind. I’m hunched over my work, eyes half-open and red, but can’t focus. One hour has passed since the scratching and the meowing started, each minute getting louder. I sighed. I knew then I wouldn’t be able to focus with him there all night. I stood up and made sure I was steady before I move towards the door. He shot in as soon as I opened it. By the time I closed the door and turned around, he was already laying on my papers.

Not again, I thought. For the past two years of middle school, I’ve been harassed by a cat. Not a single night goes by without him. I look towards him only to see my pencil case on the floor. I stormed over to pick Tony up from my work and put him to the ground. He attacks five minutes later. He always does. Tony is like a computer virus within to my program, putting things out of order. I sat down in my bed, tears of anger and stress forming. I put my palms to my eyes. I start to cry. Never thought my cat would be my breaking point. I felt a weight on my lap. I move my hands and open my eyes to see him purring.

“Tony,” I whispered tiredly, “it’s always you.” I need to get this done soon, I thought. Before I knew it, I spilled out all of my problems to him. I went on until I couldn’t, sitting there, petting Tony. At that moment, my focus wasn’t on work. It was on Tony. I closed my eyes as I listen to him purr. I was content. I was at peace. I was happy. That night, I was ok that I didn’t finish work.

Life isn’t always working. People rush to get things done so much that they forget to look at the important things. Life. Family. And themselves. Society always sees time as an enemy. Time to work on this. Time to do that. You have no time for this. Why make an enemy that will last forever? Death is already one enemy. Time is just time. There’s no point getting to your destination as soon as you can. I will get there at my own pace. So that is what I did. Fewer nights were taken up by my work. I started to make friends. The distance between my family and I disappeared. I became a fan of many fandoms and books. Tony became my best cat friend. Every night, he would scratch on my door, ready to turn in for the night. Some nights I needed to stay up, but never late. I was content. I was happy. I felt balanced. It’s strange to see my life change for the better just because a certain cat wouldn’t give up.