Advanced Essay #1: satisfactory

My essay

​Introduction: this essay was written to show the acceptance of oneself and that the story is playing with the ideals of being told some and how you talk what was told to you. The story also plays with the Ideas of limits and if they could be reached or surpassed. Thought out the essay it is about how something that told of you affect you and how limits affect your ideals.

Advanced Essay:

As I walk through the hall to put my stuff away, I then went to talking to my friend from advisory. We were talking about what we were feeling, and I explained that I was upset about my easy but annoying math benchmark. As we continued to talk about the benchmark she said that she was wasn't upset about anything in life and that she was alway happy with herself. I was, of course, shocked, telling her that ¨Before SLA I went to a school where everyone was dyslexic and had ADHD and that we were told that we could not be satisfied with ourselves and that we should try to improve ourselves for the better at all time. I was taught not to be happy with myself when it come to certain aspect of myself. I know it seem crazy for a school to basically tell you that you're not good but it not, if it went your grew up being that.¨ With a shocked expression, She told me how terrible it was for my to feel that way. She said

¨Oh, are you like upset with them for doing that to you because that like tourable that they made you feel bad about yourself.¨

¨ Why should I be mad at them? If I was happy and satisfied with myself with some like reading level it won't push me to be better. If I didn't push myself to be better with my weakness I couldn't grow as a learner and an all around just better person in general.¨

¨  Just because the told you that you suck at reading and writing  doesn't mean you're happy with your work and  I hoped that you could be happy with your work one day. I went and looked at her with a tilt in my head to look at her eyes and said,

¨ I am usually happy with my final product work. Because  when I am upset with myself gives me the ability allows my to appreciate the work that I done. it allow me to push through my perceived limit to do something that I am proud in because it something that I want to get better at.  

As we get to are first class with the teacher telling use to right down in are journal about the weekend for ten minutes then to share. As we finish the table started to talk and when it was my turn I end and said ¨nothing really happen to me this weekend I just went and did homework and just practice some skill I have forgotten.¨ when I finished I saw the confusion on there face so I went and tried to expand. ¨I went and practice spelling and typing, I don't really like it but my parents made me type the dialogue that was said on the t.v.¨

¨It can't be that bad it's just like one of two episodes of a 30 minute show.¨

¨ It was 3 season of Grey's Anatomy,  do you know how many episodes is in this season. Over 60 episodes.¨

As we finished talking and finished the warm up we sat there doing the classwork. As we talked about the problem as a group as we looked at the equation x=2+3/2 -2/454 10+5 we looked at the word problem that went went with the equation. As we talk the problem made less and less sense with the problem asking about the perpendicular slope plus 22. As we work on solving the rigorous problem one of the group member said ¨I can't do it, the problem make no sense and that it was set up for us to fail.¨

¨this problem is solvable it just we need to work more on it¨

¨ No it's not my thing and that i just can´t¨

¨ well even tho math isn't your thing doesn't mean you can't be better at it and that you even tho you don like the math you still have to do it.¨

As she rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone we gave each other the look getting yourself ready to help her push through her barriers but also know that she was probably not ready to get help that she would need and the group future needs. I went and stood at her and said ¨I know you won't like practicing math, everyone in this room can relate by you are apart of this benchmark group and we need you to reach your potential and we're here to help you with it.¨