Advanced Essay #1 (Outside of the country)

Introduction: My goals for this essay is to do my best and write decent details. I am proud of my parents for taking me to a beautiful island. I am also proud of speaking about my favorite paragraph in the essay. My adjustments for the future are to write more about what we all enjoyed during the stay. Advanced Essay #1 : Aden Nunez Outside Of The Country On the 3rd of july in the year 2016, my family and I went on an 8 day trip to Turks & caicos beaches. After getting off of the plane, we had to wait in a 10 minute line to sign ourselves in. The room was cold and windy due to almost every door being left open in the airport. After the long wait we all got a ride to the resort. After the arrival, we signed in and started heading in to our rooms. When we entered the room, the room was like a regular hotel room. Two beds, one TV above a drawer, a bathroom to the right of the exit, and a slide open window with brown curtains. I was surprised that there was an xbox 360 next to the TV but there was no controller. While we left the room, the park was right outside of our hotel, and in front of the park, was a big pool. The resort that we stayed at was called the French Village. The structure of the pool area was like something from ancient greece. There is this 80’s style restaurant called Bobby Dee’s. My brother would go there almost all of the time during our vacation. After that we started to head to the white sand beaches. It was breathtaking looking at the crystal clear water. It’s more enjoyable if it is really sunny outside, my favorite part was taking a boat ride with my family to different part of the island, where the sand was softer and clearer water. Every time we swim in the water, we saw a small school of fish. The scenery was like living in a computer wallpaper. Seeing a different location on TV is kind of boring, but going there is a different experience. Ever since i've watched TV i’ve seen a lot of places that I’ve been wanting to go to. In the summer of 2009 there was a commercial based on Turks & Caicos and I’ve been wanting to go there ever since. My wish was received 7 years later, and i've been having a lot of fun spending time with my family.