Advanced Essay #2: Keith Hodge

Introduction: My literacy experience was something very different from everyone else I wanted to do something with confidence and something I liked as well which is hockey and I did a hockey science fair experiment in 8th grade and it boosted my confidence and that same year that very next month I got into SLA as well and I also won a poem competition in may and then graduated in june all of these boosted my confidence.

Essay: This my literacy experiences I notice that some people who are not that confident such as me and need a extra boost such as completing awesome project you become more confident and this experience I was pleased and confident by the ending result and also the process of it when I had to a science fair in middle school but I also did 2 other science fairs in 6th and 7th grade and also 9th and 10th but then in 8th grade I had the perfect idea. I shoot 2 different pucks ice and roller hockey puck then also I used 2 different sticks both ice hockey. I shot them from the same place and saw how far it went down the rink which was a roller rink. I forgot which one went the farthest but I think it was the roller because it was on a roller rink with a roller puck.

I then went to school to present for my science class I was anxious but I enjoyed explaining my topic because I know this type of stuff. The next part which was kind of cool for me was I believe a few days later my science teacher announced to us that the person that will be representing gold group at the carver science fair which was me I was very happy it felt I just won the stanley cup.

We then went to school the day of I was very nervous the night before the office called my writing class and told her for me to come down for science fair. My mom was down in the office and told me we are going to take the bus to the subway and then wait for your science teacher and the other kids in science fair. I buzzed with joy as they came we then went down the steps in to the subway then on the Broad street line and then off the Broad street line and then on another subway then we were at temple it was like ¨ The wilderness dried out our tongues¨ the subway was so fast the wind hit our tongues and face. As soon as we got up we met up with my dad who was also coming to see me as well then we walked around a little more around campus.

We also ate to we went to a little pizza place near the fair but I did not get pizza I got a cheesesteak wrap which was like a thousand men dancing on my taste buds. While everyone else ate pizza My parents and I were eating other things. After that we sat there for a while before we went to the science fair. Then we were on the way and for this year the science fair was not at the basketball practice facility but the football team practice facility I walked in and I was amazed to see it.

I said goodbye to my mom and dad and they said good luck my science teacher then told us where to go he said it was organized by the type of project you did so I did a physics type and it was all the way in the back of the facility in the 3 last row. I went around and talked to my friends from school and they said dont worry you will be fine. Then after that I just kept looking at my board and other boards that kids brought trying to see who has the best board in the whole science fair. The most terrifying part was talking to the judges they were coming closer and closer to me it was like being in a scary house just scare me already instead of taunting me.

Then finally it was my turn asked so many questions like I was suspect for the biggest crime ever committed. They asked about the sticks and also some smart and common sense questions to which were the worst for me some other ones were about the pucks and sticks themselves to. Then the questions were over and I just sat there for 4 hours and played on my phone. Then it was over and the loud speaker said thanks for coming you will get your participation awards soon which made me happy and then my parents drove me home while my classmates had to take the subway back.

When I got home my parents were still very proud of me for this science fair. Then the year went on as usually 6 months down and 4 to go. Then on my last day ever at Sharswood elementary I received my participation award along with my other graduation awards and my teacher said congrats to me and gave me the award and I felt like ¨superman breaking through a door¨. In conclusion I believe that I became confident by the end of this project because I did good in the end and because my family and friends helped me as well.