Advanced essay #3 (Autism Capabilities from my point of view.)

my goals for the paper is to show people many ways to get through life while having autism. My story will show examples of how i got through life having autism. you will also see how my identity changed each time i take care of the problems. Aden Nunez Mr. Block English 3 3/9/18 Autism Capabilities from my point of view. Hi, my Name is Aden Nunez and I will show you capabilities for kids with autism from my point of view. It was hard trying to understand different topics in life. “A review of recent literature produced six major categories in which to organize the notion of identity for people with disabilities. “ ( There are a lot of symptoms to autism. I've started to take care of them. At the age of 13 i've started to learn more about my autism symptoms and I have learned to take care of them. I went to a speech teacher in 2nd grade, slowly socialized with others, and learned a lot in different classes. I never knew I had autism until I was told during 5th grade. I didn’t know what it ment or what it does to people; but when I knew months later, I felt different from the others. “Personal affirmation of disability is a way to feel included in society by having the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens, to be recognized and treated like everyone else within a group or society more generally.“ ( In 8th grade at the Quaker School in Horsham, I watched a documentary on autism. After that I felt like i'm not the only one who has the specific symptoms. They were taken care of anyway. But I’m still trying my hardest to learn a lot in life. You can fit in with others depending on if they have good personality or interest. I started to hang out with people who like gaming, drawing, and making comics. They were all nice to me, and they really liked what they did that made them, THEM. I started to relate to my friends because I liked what they did; especially gaming and making comics. To this day, I started to focus on fitting in with others and learning more in life. I still meet a lot of friends in and outside of school and i still learn a lot in in my classes. Having autism can be difficult to live with; but as people get older, they will learn more about the disability and try and take care of the problem one day at a time. I think i made more detail while making this essay. i've did more work on this essay than the last two. I've said everything i did to get through life with autism. i showed this to my parents and they were proud of me for talking about something that can be uncomfortable talking about. i really enjoyed making this essay and i hope you guys enjoy reading it. Work Cited Johnstone, Chris. “Disability and Identity: Personal Constructions and Formalized Supports.” Disability Studies Quarterly, vol. 24, no. 4, 2004, doi:10.18061/dsq.v24i4.88 “Thinking about disability identity.” American Psychological Association, American Psychological Association,