Advanced Essay #4 Nathan Little

Paragraph Introduction

So this is my essay about Sexual Harassment and I wrote an essay on this because I feel like there is so much going on in our society but people are forgetting that Sexual Harassment is really important to prevent as much as possible. My goals I feel like i've done is check my spelling and grammar and my wording is better. The feedback I got from my peers really helped me a lot so that's good.


There is no motivation, no confidence, or even conviction when people hear or witness the words “Sexual Harassment”. It happens on a daily basis and mostly women are the victims. A social problem, that takes place in either schools, in the workplace, outside when you're walking, or even on the internet.  It is defined as sex discrimination where a person is uncomfortable with improper remarks and unwanted sexual looks. Sexual Harassment first starts by the mental thought or looking at someone you are fond of, it then can either lead to visual things as in checking someone out. Then it carries over by doing a physical thing where the victim can be sexually touched or raped.

With all of the meanings of the term Sexual Harassment, people continue to do it. It’s no doubt that our society is rapidly changing as we speak. We have people where they start to become harassers. Although, the changes in our society is not bad nor is it good, but we continue to do the good and the bad. The point i’m trying to make is that sexual harassment is swiftly changing from bad to worse. That’s something we need to prevent. The worst part about it is that no one is taking accountable for it anymore. For instance, you can have a white man sexual touching any type of woman, and no one cares, versus a black man touches a white woman and the media is in a frenzy. We must do something about it. It’s either you act and make a change, or just watch and don’t do anything. Our society has changed so much that we can just witness it right in front of us and just let it happen without doing anything about it. Were at that point where we don’t even say anything anymore. To not go up and say “Hey, leave her alone!”. You would be making a change to the world if you act. It’s a higher chance if one or many people would witness what you did, and will tell your story. And the more people talk about it, the less the situation would happen.


I believe it doesn’t have to be women speaking out for women, I think that anyone can speak out to sexual harassment. If we were put on this earth for a reason, we should be able to live together as human beings which means living as one. To me, sexual harassment is where I draw the line. Being a woman and getting harassed by a lot of guys in the workplace is something I don’t want. “Survival is our hope, and our awareness is our success.” -Patricia Cornwell. When I walk down the street in my neighborhood or when I walk to go to the barber shop or the corner store, I see harassment all the time and no one seems to do anything about it. Men have the power to prevent something that’s not right, but we choose to either do the same, or not do anything about it. It’s no excuse to also not prevent it anywhere else. There are worse neighborhoods than University City of course, but overall we can make a change in Philadelphia.  

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere. Just because a majority of white people and some blacks live together in the community, doesn’t mean that it’s always a safe place to live in. As I was walking to the barber shop on 51st and Baltimore, there was this woman who was walking and she was quite attractive, so attractive she caught a lot of guy’s attention. They yelled out “YERRPP!!” which is a call that we used when African Americans likes a woman. Men mostly think out loud when they see an attractive woman which is definitely harassment. So overall, women have to deal with people (mostly guys) being called out, or a guy walking up on a lady that she doesn’t want to talk to, and guys who is checking out a woman who is walking by.

To my conclusion, sexual harassment needs to be prevented for many reasons necessary. 1. It prevents people from doing what they are suppose to do. That means no income for the business that women or men are working for, and no income for themselves. But that’s not even the worst part. 2. People who are being harassed at the workplace can call it worse than sexual harassment it can be sexual assault also. They can also set up a lawsuit against the business because of the harassers at the workplace. Which means no income for anybody who works there or just the harasser (but that’s very unlikely to happen).. My 3rd reason is that since sexual harassment can occur more if the harasser is in a position who has more power than you in the workplace. They are more capable of getting away with it too which increases the people who are getting harassed and not doing anything about it.  Overall, it’s much worse. So if you see something happening that’s not right. Please do something about it. You have the opportunity to make a change for your peers. It’s either you do or you don’t. Simple as that.    


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I wrote so much because I had a lot to say