Advanced Essay #4 Problems on the Internet

You ever wonder what cyberbullying was like before it became a high profile case of violence? The cyberbullying we know today does not have the same effect it did in the past. In the 90s cyber bullying was not seen as a form of non physical violence. Believe it or not, being a jerk on the internet used to be considered. Insults were simpler, more benign, and a learning experience. The name was even different in the 90s cyber bullying was called “flaming”.

Flaming was based on having group chats online and when a newbie were to join in the conversation saying “Hey I’m new here, can you tell me what goes on here?” There were stages of flaming and this is the beginning of “flame”. One the first step is done it allowed the other members of the group chat to make a sarcastic joke to the newbie, which in today's terms is trolling. Although some people may considered trolling a bad thing, because of them making offensive remarks. Flaming was not supposed to be what it is seen now, in some cases cyberbullying.

As technology advances, the rate of crime online increases. Specifically speaking hacking has become an even more problem, and cyberattacks. The definition of cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. Now this can relate to hacking. The definition of hacking is use a computer to gain unauthorized access to data in a system. Now that you know the definitions, let’s go into examples. An example of cyberbullying is from the profound video of Amanda Todd cyberbullying experience. Throughout the video it mentions several events that occurred to her, however this quote “If you don’t put on a show for me I will send ur boobs. He knew my address, school, relatives, friends, family names.” Amanda Todd was paranoid and did not want to get anybody hurt so she went with the idea and gave the guy a show.

Now flaming is nowhere near the same as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying has lead to physical damages to the person getting bully while flaming did not lead to anything. It was more of a funny group chat as we call it today. Hacking is also one of the reasons why cyberbullying is happening due to people getting into information that is meant to be hidden. Heck even our government can get hacked and let out information that is supposed to be hidden from the american people. There have been multiple movies/school presentations on bullying or cyberbullying. Most of the options at the end they either ask you to take an anonymous survey asking if you are being bullied or if someone is. Another option is saying do not stay silent speak out, and get help. These things do not help because their are still cases of major bullies scenarios. Now I would to propose a bill to make those who are bullying people to pay a fine. Now that may take a while, but it is about time someone takes the extra step.

Now that you know the difference between how the idea of cyberbullying was in the 90s compared to now it is a major contrast. Suicide rates have been increasing due to stress, school, bullying, cyberbullying or for even more reasons. Flaming did not lead to any problems besides the fact of getting you can say pranked. Flaming was designed for people to have a fun group chat and mess with the newbies, however cyberbullying may lead to hackers finding info and blackmail the person into doing things they may not want to do like Amanda Todd. You can sort of consider flaming the start of cyberbullying. There were problems but legislations were not made until the nearing of 2008-2010.