Advanced Essay No. 1

My goal in life is to be myself and help others, and in my piece I explained that and other things I’d love to do. I am pretty proud of how I described my piece of how I really feel.. Areas for improvement can probably be my grammar.

Advanced Essay

Waking up to an bright light almost makes you feel like you’re in a better place. I can sense the heat on my sensitive skin, keeping me warm and comfortable. I told myself I heard the sound of sweet soul of music downstairs. It was within me today, I said as I was shuffling out of bed. The sheets were attached to me like a magnet. It was yet another Monday Morning about 7:21 am. I was only 6 years old when I started learning about my superiority. I took myself downstairs for a bite to eat as I made me some cereal. My step-mom made me eggs and a bagel. I took it to the living room and turned on the tv to watch some PBS. Sesame Street was on, but sadly went to commercial. An advertisement came on. It was at that moment my eyes started dwelling and my stomach was growling. I glared at the television listening to a man who had a voice of an activist. He stated, “You can accomplish anything, anytime, if you just put your mind to it.” I had to hear more to what this man had to say. He kept going on about accomplishments and achievements. At the time I didn’t know any of those big words he was saying, so I wrote them down on a post it note and gave them to my Dad. He defined them for me and it was all making sense. Leadership, control, management, desires were swarming on me. I told myself I wanted to go find these accomplishments because I knew I would need it. The rest of my life that is ahead of me. Not just that, but at that time, things weren’t going so well for me. You could say there was some family problems, or you can say there’s sadness that surrounds me and my broken heart. This happens at times, but it drifts away from me also, and returns when my emotions change. I was able to get out of the house and walk around for a bit with my mom. We went to the park, I got on the swings, went down the slide. It really helped me forget about the things I used to know. Just a simple commitment with Love and positivity can do that to a kid like me. I thought I could do that to someone too. To make them feel better about themselves, and put a smile on there face to let you know “Hey, I’m alright” I also thought, If life was simple like this that I can take a deep breath and start over, then this is something I can get use to. And so I did. And it was really helping a lot. Each day, I explore more and more and stopped worrying about the negativity that tries to surround me with sorrow and guilt. Because, I was already surrounded by the power of positivity. Everything I had was already on my side. My parents, friends, family. Because even though we always have our bad times, in the long run, we all love each other in the very end. This is my motto and still is today. As I keep growing and developing, I add more and more things to my notes. Always have a positive attitude, having faith, having hope, and believing in yourself. If I ever see my friends who are down, I’d do my best to pick them up. When I was 9, I told myself I want to make the world a better place, one by one, one step at a time. Helping people, help feed the homeless. Talk to my peers and to make them happy. Of course, I was gonna have my off days, of how much I wanted to keep it to myself. I couldn’t, people who were really close to me notice my troubles and they were there to help me. Raised in a church taught me how to be a better person. It did change me a lot, developing into a better me than before. This is where I started my roots. These were reasons why I was becoming a great kid. 7 years old and growing. When I accepted Christ into my life and began reading the bible when I was 8. The next year, I was understanding the passages, one of my favorites were Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. One of the best quotes in my notes, is to accept defeat. Of course when I was initiating to becoming a great kid, I realized that we are all not perfect, we will sin, we will do wrong And when that comes, I’ll be ready for it. My life isn’t over, it is just beginning. And I realize there is going to be times where I will do good and I will do bad. Sometimes, I won’t be able to realize the good and the bad. Or what I’ve done at times. But I am prepared for it. The only thing I’m not prepared for is what’s going to come later. I don’t know how and I certainly don’t know when. I could die the next day. But doesn’t mean every second I have to breathe it. Just to be alive is a reminder to be happy and to tell my story one day..