Aedan DeJong-Dougherty's Capstone

When starting my Capstone, I had a few things I wanted to achieve. My capstone is a stop motion animated film put together through drawn and sculpted images. Through the different components, I wanted to make something that was less narrative and more abstract. I started by thinking about the emotions and the feelings I wanted to evoke and see if I could come up with a visual interpretation of them. Taking the literal meaning of the word and its place in the story made very interesting and evocative images. They tell a story of a relationship as its ending and the way unreciprocated love manifests for the main character. The other important part is the music and audio. My goal was to combine different instruments and techniques to make something meditative and hypnotic. Some parts are acoustic instruments, as well as organic sounds, and some parts are entirely digital. Each piece is equally important and relies on the other for the project to be whole. This project is still ongoing although I hope to finish it in the very near future.