Alan (Missing) Personal Essay

After me and my brother left a farewell party hosted by my classmate back in Hong Kong. I was very sad, it’s like losing a bunch of friend immediately and the feeling is still here. I miss then so much! After that, I wondering how my life will be different when I move to America at home with sadness, and Pokemon, yeah!

But before we moved to America, me and my brother know that Pokemon is very popular in America so we planned to made a Youtube channel about Pokemon, because we watched a lot Youtube videos After watching for 3 to 5 years, we are going to make a Pokemon Youtube channel to be a Youtuber. We thought for about 2 days what kind of video we want to post on Youtube. We thought about gaming, animation, review and etc. At last, we plan we are going to upload Pokemon stories, because my brother love Pokemon stories very much! But still, I haven’t upload any video on my Youtube channel. So sad. ;(

On the first day of school, I feel excited and happy. I like to meet new students and so I’m excited! If I remember correctly, my first friend was Bobo. One thing I found out is that most of the students don’t understand Cantonese, or even don’t know what is Cantonese. Well, Cantonese is the language of the Cantonese people. In mainland China, it is a lingua franca of Guangdong Province and some neighbouring areas, such as eastern Guangxi Province.

It’s been a month in the school, I feel good and the students are very nice, I like it! They help me a lot, in homeworks, in projects, in warmups, etc. I like them! I joined the baseball team because I want to improve my baseball skill, I learned baseball in Hong Kong before. Even the students in baseball team are nice too! That’s cool.

Because I am a Pokemon fan, I feel very happy when I meet another Pokemon fan! One of my friend is a Pokemon fan so we talk a lot more than others, if I meet a Pokemon Fan, the first question I ask is, “What is your favorite Pokemon?” “Mine is Missingno. , a.k.a. Missingnumber!” “Why do you like a glitch Pokemon like Missingno., Alan?” “First, I like the design; Second, the moveset is unusual, and I like unusual things; three, the shape.” “But which version you like more, red,blue or yellow?” “I like the design of red and blue version, but talking about moveset, either!” After some Pokemon conversation, I said, ”So I herd u liek Mudkipz” “SHUT UP, ALAN!! STOP THAT MEME!!” That’s my favorite part of my Pokemon conversation! Troll!!

But I am not always happy in the school. Sometimes I feel lonely and left behind. I don’t quite know how I got this feeling but it’s onto me everyday in school. I just want someone care about me. Hugs?