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Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 11.35.02 PM
Screen Shot 2011-11-09 at 11.35.02 PM
Above is my Food Slide. 
Just recently i have tried Alligator & Loved it Which is where the Alligator graphic come from, and also the Food Rule "Don't Be Afraid to Try New Things". It's always great to branch out past the normal things you are used to.

For the Recipe I made Baked Chicken:

2lbs.- free range chicken thighs

3 -small organic red potatoes 

1/2-organic red onion 

1-cup of chicken broth

1-sweet Red bell pepper

1-clove of garlic

organic black pepper corns w/ grinder (Black pepper)

bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil

Reynolds Baking Bags



Prepare the chicken by sprinkling it with grinded black peppercorns

Sauteé 1/4 of the onion chopped, half the red pepper(with seeds), & chopped garlic in olive oil.

(while you are waitng you can slice your potatoes thinly.)

Once that in finshed and browned, prepare the skillet with more olive oil to fry the chicken. 

You plan on just browning the skin , not frying completely.

Once the skin is browned, you need to prepare your baking bag,put the baking bag inside of the roasting pan,  cover the bottom of the bag with potatoes then the slices of the other half of the onion and peppers. Add a layer of chicken to cover the bottom layer. each thigh should be touching a potato. 

sprinkle the sauteéd peppers and onions on top of the chicken. 

Put chicken broth on top of all the food in the bag using a turkey baster.

tie the bag and cut slits for air holes.

Put in a 375 degree oven for about 40 minutes. check periodically.



A few words to describe me meal:

  • tasty-of course!
  • economical & cheap-this only costed me about $15 (every ingredient was purchased from Whole Foods market)
  • filling- not only do you get a main course of chicken, but you have sides with potatoes, onions, and peppers
  • complete-as I said before, the meal is complete all you need is something to drink.

The body does not take long to digest chicken. Chicken is not a heavy meat. Peppers onions and garlic and tasty flavors which are rather healthy. If you ate nothing but this meal everyday you might lack calcium in your diet.

All the ingredients were local and organically grown. The chicken was also free range.

During this unit about Food in Science and Society, I have been a lot more open minded when it comes to food. In the Food Inc. movie we saw a lot of animal cruelty when it came to chcikcen and cows. Cows were often swung around by their limbs and no one really "cared" about the animal that was about to be slaughtered. Another thing I found interesteing was the fact that fish were being fed cord in order to "beef them up" so they would be worth more in the market. They did the same to cows, which would cause them to put a hole in the side of the cow in order to essentially extract the waste, and these helps the cow a little because cows with holes in them last longer. 

It was interesting in this unit to see everyones opinions with discussions and with their presentation of their portion of the movie. 

This unit essentially changed my view on many foods I eat. For example I eat beef a lot less, especially because it takes 7 days for it to digest inside you body. YUCK!