Hi, I'm Aldo. My presentation will be about something i have experience (life events) with. My slide as you can see tells you about how ‘The smallest things cause biggest problems’ and i will be talking about something that i can relate too about alcohol. I have seen people mess all there lives up with just one drink and this slide is best way to prevent future generation from those  mistakes. As i found from the websites about how to make slides, it said have the picture grab the audience attention. I used only one picture as my theme so the person would not get confused about the slide one picture should grab their attention. And for the empty space, i wrote my quote in bold and in a 30 size font. The best way to get the reader to see it and for it to be aligned without the words going off the page and i also made it in bold to keep the persons attention. Also this slides helps me remember just by looking at it what i am going say.   

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Nevrid Nazif (Student 2017)
Nevrid Nazif

I noticed that u didn't change your slide, i wonder if you could change the position of the words, and what if you had picked a different drink what would it look like.

Ameena Atif (Student 2017)
Ameena Atif

I noticed that there isn't a lot of space between the glass and the word "the". The color of the font is still throwing me off. I wonder if the font could have been changed or the color of the font could of been changed. What if you added more space in between each line? This would eliminate the extra space at the bottom.