Alek Siegel Capstone

For my Capstone I really wanted to incorporate something that would make my project feel meaningful to me. Since the beginning of my time at SLA and realistically all of my life I have been a student-athlete. Being an athlete has always inspired me to want to learn more about the athletes who came before us and shaped the way. My Capstone is a booklet about former Ben Franklin High School students who became professional athletes. I wanted to create a booklet with interesting facts and pictures of various athletes who graduated from Ben Franklin High School and played collegiate and professional sports. I decided to focus on Fred Carter, Pooh Richardson, Randy Woods, and Tyrone Simmons who are all BFHS alumni. The goal of this Capstone project is to highlight the great athletes of the past in a way that will inspire future athletes in our school community. I am proud that I was able to research some of the greatest athletes to ever graduate from our school building and I hope I turned it into a project that means something to our community. One message that I will leave to end my Capstone is that every high school student should play every sport they can. Being a student-athlete enriches your high school experience and creates unforgettable bonds and memories in the school community.

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