Alex Guigar Capstone

For my capstone I wanted to do my part in stopping the misinformation surrounding the past year's covid crisis. In the hopes of making something easy to read and easy to navigate, I built a website: The Covid TLDR, to convey the larger or more complicated aspects of the pandemic people may be unaware or uninformed of in a digestible and easy manner. The Covid TLDR takes things surrounding the covid issue like herd immunity, vaccines, and the importance of masks. As well as other things like how pandemics happen, how to stop them, and how to spot misinformation. A large component of my project was research, I wanted to be able to display how I got my knowledge for people who may want to read what I have read or even check my sources for accuracy. Since I’m communicating information my goal is to make it as accurate as possible, this means checking my sources with other sources and sites. Presentation also played a significant part as I made this website a public resource and had to consider how to format a website that runs smoothly as well as conveys information well. A complex, hard to navigate website hurts my goal to distribute information easily and quickly. I will be presenting my finished project to my classmates and teachers so I had to take into account not only how my website effectively show information but how to make my website reach different groups and generations of people. Link to Capstone: Link to Bibliography: