Alexa Siegel Capstone

Over the past several years, art therapy has become a very popular form of treatment for special education students and kids with other behavioral, emotional or psychological issues. For me art therapy has been my favorite way of learning. It teaches different types of skills such as learning academic skills, symmetry which is a math skill and social skills as they are more engaged with each other.  It is also a fun way for students of all ages to learn because they get to see what they are creating.For my Capstone I went to Greenfield and did projects with the students in Mrs. Serra’s class. We did different projects such as painting pumpkins and painting hearts for Halloween and Valentine’s Day. In order to plan this project I had to research different ideas and send them to Mrs. Serra to get them approved, once she approved them I had to go out and buy the supplies and get them ready for the students. The hard part of this project was finding something that worked with all the students and their disabilities. In the end of this Capstone I have gained experience in working with children with disabilities.

art therapy
art therapy

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