Alexis Dean Q2 Art

For quarter two art, we had four assignments to complete. We had to complete a 8.5 x 11 photo collage, a fabric drawing, photo editing and an illustration. For my photo collage I decided to do a vacation collage for my dream vacation and what that would look like. I decided to use colors that complemented each other well and that I feel are happy colors. For the fabric drawing I decided that I wanted to do a very detailed drawing and therefore chose silk. I chose a red silk that flowed very nicely and executed that very well in the drawing. When it came time for photo editing and illustration, I decided to use my sister and one of the books we have recently read. I used a basic filter in which highlighted the basic focal features of the photo and then drew the one scene from “Brown Bear, Brown Bear.” I enjoyed doing all of these projects and spent a great deal of time on them even though I had an extensive absence.