Alicia Jones- Media Fluency | Tech Class Q2

Introductory for why I have this slide:

Alicia: Is a girl who actually doesn't know “what she likes” nor do I know the answer to  “why” to any question really. However, I do know or at least has an ideal of who she is. For starters, I don’t care how a person truly perceives “What they THINK I am like.” Only because I know what I truly am. As I refer to “What I am” I speak as in the things that I do. These things all make up parts of what I do as a human being, what I do as Alicia. I know of each decision I make and why but each and everyone of them will all have an affect on my life.

The Reason for my slide: My slide is eye-catching, I used big font for my letters, my slide has one point but it can draft off into different points. Lastly, I did use my contrast nicely and rule of thirds in a evenly set way. Black background : You see that my background  is all black and this is because I can be mean at times but when I am happy I can have the prettiest attitude ever. This connects to the bright pink letters of my name and how I used a spatial view between letters to have an emphasis on how my name is much more than just any name : A L I C I A. Although I can be a bit crazy I am truly a cool person. So this is why I have added the quote “This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.” - Miley Cyrus. In conclusion I am who I am. No matter what someone might think about me I am going to be myself regardless. Even if I do not know who I am yet, I still have quite a few time to find myself. Maybe then my background would be filled with beautiful pictures and so forth.

Media Fluency
I learned from my old Media Fluency project that I should make a cleaner heart, Make the spacing in my letters look even and put Miley Cyrus' name in a smaller pt. size. Through the positive criticism I received from my class mates I noticed that I should change certain things or the whole thing. So I decided to change the whole thing and still use contrast rules and rule of the thirds. My re-created version is taking all of the changes I was told to make and add more. If I couldve done anything different in the last version I would've probably re-thought about the sketchy heart and making the spaces in my name more even. 
2nd Media Fluency