Alisha's Capstone - Art

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Student Name: 
Alisha Clark

In School Mentor Name: 

Ms. Dunda

Out of School Mentor: 


Topic Summary: The goal for this project was to create a collection of artwork and have it publicly displayed.  

Project Abstract: I intend for my final product to be a collection of art work. Since my focus is on life and art, I wanted to have all pictures involving a person(s). My personal requirement was to try to make it as realistic as possible because that’s my style of drawing. I believe that art is best when you draw what you see. So, for my final product it is important to me to be able to draw how I see each person. I would like to carry out the visual with a public display in Science Leadership Academy.

I also got the idea to collaborate with other artists in SLA. So, I plan to be able to meet with them to conference with them about their pieces and to help with an struggles, concerns and to provide any materials. Therefore, collectively, there will be a majority of my artwork, but there will be featured artists’ work displayed as well. Although no one draws the same exact way, I would like the display as a whole to capture parts of life. 

Final Product: Displayed on third floor ballroom wall

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