All About ME! /// Gerveni

All About Me Slide

The reason my slide looks like that, is because I put pictures of everything that I like and pictures that describe me. I am independent, generous, courageous, very athletic but, sometimes I am little impatient. I am good at friendship.I have tons of friends. I always look out for my friends and try protect them. I am enthusiastic about my goals and I enjoy my life. This slide basically describes me and what I do in my life. As you can see, there are two pictures related to soccer. That’s because I love playing soccer and as one of my friends would say “ Soccer is life.” One of my dreams is to play for a professional team. The picture on the bottom is related to the picture that has a camera in it because one of my favorite hobbies is photography. I also like drawing, listening to music and watching movies. I put the pictures there to represent something about me and to show who I am.