All About Me (New Slide)

Hello my name is Nashay Day, in my Technology Class I was assigned to do a slide, after we were done we were critiqued by our peers and our instructor. I was never critiqued, however I did get an understanding of what I though a good slide looks like and hope this resembles it. I kept everything cohesive by using black and white images, with a white background. I also wanted to keep my original concept of of an effortlessly chic look because I feel that my sense of style is so eclectic that black and white was the only way that I could get it across without it looking tasteless and rushed. 
My Slide 2

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Amanda Thieu (Student 2016)
Amanda Thieu

The contrast of black and white really makes everything the main focus. Which makes the slide look like it's all one color. You should totally credit me the photo. thanks.