Alpina B7, The Ultimate Driving Machine

Jalen Smith


                                                           Alpina B7, The Ultimate Driving Machine

I remember the day I bought my dream car. “Ok Mr Garnett, enjoy your new BMW B7, “the sales man said.” Thank you for coming, have a great day.” I couldn’t believe I spent $122,900 on this car. I was so proud of myself. I deserved this, I thought. I am a successful Senior Chief of a criminal law firm. I thought that nothing could have gone wrong with the car. I couldn’t wait to show my wife and kids the cream leather seats, the shinny blue exterior, the navigation system, and the self parking system. Oh, I thought I was so fancy. Hearing the roar of the V12 engine coming down my street. I knew that Gabrielle was totally going to enjoy this car.  My wife and two children came outside to greet me in the driveway.

My son said “Oh my gosh this car is so cool!” He had asked me how much horsepower did the car have. I told him that the car had 500 horsepower. I knew that I shouldn’t have told him that, I knew that he was a little to curious. I told him that after I came back from my business trip, that we could take it for a spin. He was so upset because he would have had to wait 3 days to take the car out for a drive around the neighborhood. That evening I felt regret because I knew that buying an expensive car would lead to something bad. Knowing that my 18 year old son had an interest in cars and had constantly watched Top Gear every night, he would have loved to try to get into my car and take it for a drive himself. But then I trusted my son. I didn’t think that he would have done that while I was gone. He was already going to be with friends for the weekend so he wouldn’t have access to the car. Friday finally came and it was time for me to take a 10:43 am plane to California for my business trip. So I decided to park the car in the garage and leave the key with my wife just in case she had to borrow the car for the day. I would never forget that before I left I said I loved him, and that if he needed anything call me. We both agreed and I left.

“We are going to reach our destination soon, thank you for flying American Airlines” the Pilot said. While I was on the airplane, I felt pains in my stomach, cramping. I felt that something bad would happen to my family as a result of my new car. This was something that I have never felt before. After arriving at the LAX airport I called my wife and asked her if the car was still in the garage. She said of course, where else would it be. I then asked her where Devin was and she said that he was out with his friends. I felt relieved. So I carried on with my day. After the two days past and the business meetings were all attended to, I enjoyed visiting the numerous museums, theaters and restaurants, that California had to offer. I thought to myself that this was a very fulfilling trip. Everything was going according to plan, until the night when the hotel phone rang. There came a demanding voice on the telephone, it was a man calling me and asking me if I was Steven Garnett? I answered, yes. My stomach dropped completely to my ankles. He said: “My name is Detective Brown, do you own a 2012 BMW Alpina B7.” Yes, I answered. I wondered if everyone was alright and if my son was alright. He answered: “Your car has been totaled and 3 people have been killed in your vehicle, the driver was Devin Garnett. He has been drinking and driving and they were all killed. The car had instantly flipped over, pile driving the car into a ditch. My phone dropped to the floor leaving the police officer repetitively saying, “Are you there”? 

He didn’t listen. Why did he do this? My son, my seed? Tears filled my eyes. I called my wife and shouted, how did he get the keys to the car! I told my wife that Devin was dead. Screams and cries burst from the telephone. I kept asking myself why oh why did I even buy this car. Why did I leave this car with my wife and children. How come I didn’t leave the car at the airport? Why oh why? Why my son? It’s all my fault. I need to take the next plane to Atlanta. Filled with such sorrow I boarded the 9760 Airplane to Atlanta’s Harts field-Jackson Airport. When everyone settled and the plane was ready for departure we blasted off into the gloomy sky. Hours past and there were no signs of happiness once so ever. “We are about to reach our final destination, thank you for riding American Airlines.” Drifting in the air looking at the clouds I imagined how much my son meant to me. His smiles, his intelligence and his bright sense of humor left me breathless from what I could have imagined. A big chunk of my heart was taken away from me just because of two things. That car and that urge of curiosity. This was something that I could have never put up with.

I finally survived the 5 hour plane ride and 2 weeks went past after my sons death. Today is his burial. Seeing the features of fall I began to reminisce about how he was such a scholar. He was determined and all he wanted to do was make his parents proud. I realized that my son was special, he was my best friend. I wished to have him back, safe in my arms, free from danger seen and unseen. This was a lesson. Now that he is in a better place I can’t let this haunt me for the rest of my life. This tragedy was just like water spilled on the ground and could not be gathered up again. As I looked into the gloomy sky I known that god was keeping him safe from harm. He would never have to go through no more struggle, no more pain but he will always be my pride and joy. My jewel.