Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Unknown and Hidden Facts Blog #2

  Hello, It seems as if I've kept you interested enough to continue on to my second blog regarding Alzheimer's & Dementia. Once again, I'm Jamilah Woodards of Science Leadership Academy and I'm here to give you some more updated information on my topic of Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Unknown and Hidden Facts. Just as a reminder, my ninth grade English class in currently in the process of completing a project that goes by the name of You And The World. This gives us students the opportunity to go out into the world and choose a topic that interest us. We'll be able to conduct research and with our research, find a way to become an Agent of Change regarding our topic in the Spring (which is taking forever to come).

  In Blog #1 post, I gathered a lot of information regarding costs to fund a patient with either of the diseases, stereotypes of the diseases, and definitions of what Alzheimer's & Dementia is. I was able to share how costly it is and how Medicare and Medicaid only pays for a portion of the funding and how a lot of the money is out of your own pocket. Also stereotypes of how much can a person of either of the disease can manage to still do and etc. Although the information given in the last blog was very insightful, I wanted to open up other topics regarding Alzheimer's and Dementia.  

  After my past research, I wanted to look more into how Alzheimer's & Dementia affects the caregiver and the family of the patient. Since I was apart of a family of a person who had one of the diseases, I already had an insight and opinion on how families are affected by it. Yet, I wanted to create original research from a person who was a main caregiver of an Alzheimer's and/or  Dementia patient.

  For my original research on my topic, I decided to conduct an interview with my mom. I chose to have an interview with my mom in order to get an inside perspective on how it is from a caregiver's point of view when dealing with someone of the two diseases. The interview held between my mom and I did not last very long, but the information that I gathered from her helped me a lot.

               Group of words based among Alzheimer's & Dementia

  One thing that stood out that was said by my mother in her interview with me was that although there were a lot of things that my grandmother could remember, things of her daily, monthly, and yearly routine were sometimes forgotten. With that being said, I did some more research and came across a website that gave lots of caregiver information that my mother seemed to agree with in her interview.

Check out the transcript from the interview on Alzheimer's & Dementia held between my mom and I in the link below.


  For my Agent of Change portion of my You And The World, I've decided to do a fun activity with my advisory. The activity will be a memory game. The memory game allows us young teenagers to appreciate the strong memories that we have now and to appreciate them.

Agent of Change Banner

  After all the research that was completed thus far, I feel as though my knowledge and also the readers of my blog are steady increasing. There has been a lot of information obtained, but it does not stop here. Stay on the lookout for my Blog #3 to see how I accomplished my Agent of Change portion!

Stay Tuned!!!

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