Alzheimer's & Dementia: The Unknown And Hidden Facts Blog #3

   Hello all, I see that you’re back again to check out my blog post #3. If you’ve forgotten, my YATW topic is Alzheimer’s And Dementia. In my previous two blogs ( Blog #1 & Blog #2 ), my blogs were all based off of research. Blog #1 consisted of research that I searched for and found, Rather than in blog #2, which consisted of original research that I specifically made myself. This blog is the total opposite of the two. After all of the extended research that I conducted, it’s time to now share my Agent Of Change.

  First, before I’d like to get into the Agent Of Change aspect, let’s talk about what's going on with Alzheimer’s and Dementia around us now. As recent as two days ago, there was a story published online a website that goes by the name of The article is entitled How to beat Alzheimer's: Experts reveal seven golden rules to fight the disease”. This article discusses things that have been studied and has shown how effective a strong and strict diet along with exercise can help prevent these horrific brain diseases. To spread awareness about the two, Alzheimer’s awareness month is literally in a few days. Starting in June, wear your purple to support the cause.

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Alzheimer’s awareness information from the Alzheimer’s Association

 There are also walks that people of all ages can participate in. Although there are not any walks in my local or tri-state area that’s also easily accessible to me, there are walks that support Alzheimer’s/Dementia all around the United States. Check out some of the upcoming walks below.

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Alzheimer’s awareness walk dates across the country

  The simple fact that you can show your support for a cause by wearing a color is great. It’s free and shows your appreciation for awareness of the disease. Also, if walking is appealing to you, thinking about participating in your next local Alzheimer’s Awareness walk would also be a great way to help out.

  When pursuing my Agent Of Change, I wanted to do something that would be fun, interactive, and have my peers highly engaged. After much thought and consultation with Ms. Dunn (My English Teacher) and my SAT (Student Assistant Teacher) Victoria, I finally figured out what exactly I wanted to do for my Agent Of Change. I chose to have a mini memory booth during my lunch period one Tuesday afternoon. With the help of my peers, I had 4 laptops set up with different memory games. Along with the games played, I’d give a brief description of my YATW and what Alzheimer’s & Dementia are. Also just to be generous, after playing the games, I’d give out candy.


 Even though my Agent Of Change didn’t involve me in raising money or things of that nature, I still feel just by me spreading awareness to my peers can be just as active. When first being assigned this project, I just thought of it as a regular English Project. I was wrong. This YATW Project is unique in its own way and allows you really get involved and be apart of a great cause of your choice in one way or another. I learned from this project to take your time out to research things, and you can actually fall in love with a concept, and you too can be an Agent Of Change.


 Until there is a cure for Alzheimer’s and Dementia, I will not stop supporting the cause. My family has been touched by the disease(s) and I will continue to spread awareness. A little help can go a long way. One thing that I would like to particularly do is participate in one of the walks by this time next year.Also I would have loved it if I’d have been able to also fundraise to give back to the associations.

  I would first like to give special thanks to Ms. Dunn for creating this engaging project for my classmates and I to complete and to stay intrigued in for basically our whole Freshman year. I’d like to also like to thank every website that I received information from to post all three of my blogs. The next person that I would like to acknowledge is my mother. She provided me with such great information from our one on one interview. Next, shoutout to all the people that participated in my Agent Of Change. Without you guys, this blog would have been blank. The final two people that I’d like to thank are Victoria Odom and Kayla Cassumba. They both helped with contributing thoughts and ideas when I was confused on what to do next. Along with Kayla being my photographer for my Agent Of Change documentation. Thank you to every reader of my blog, and dont forget to wear your purple!

Purple Awareness Ribbon