Amado Alfaro-Allah Capstone

For my project, I did a podcast that delves into people’s capstone. We talk about what made there capstone and what was the general inspiration for it. Going through it I thought that all of it would go swimmingly but the technology did not favor me a lot of the time. In total there were supposed to be 10 episodes but my program crashed and got my stuff washed so I had to find my best way to recover them and such. Podcasting requires a lot of listening and cutting down a lot for my stuff. For my podcast, I had to make sure that everyone was talking at a generally loud tone and also had to make sure that. Finding willing people was also hard for the reason that people who said they were done to help didn’t show up or bailed last minute. I changed my capstone up a lot it was going to be a bike race, then a film, then a comedic podcast and then so on and so forth. While recording my podcast I also got a lot of insight on what a lot of the people at my school wanted to do in the future. There was a lot of good words exchanged and many of the people I interviewed were very honored. I was straining a lot to write custom questions for each of my guests on my show. I tried my best to make my transitions as soon as I cut certain parts but still sounded weird but in the end, I think I still did a pretty good job.



The reason why I picked this source is because the official “for dummies” has a guide to almost everything podcasts being no different. In the pdf it describes, what the book describes is the certain equipment and different supplies that you would need to have a nice podcast with a tolerable amount of quality. Especially because you’re having your audience listen and the only outlet for your content is audio. The “Podcast for dummies” is credible because the book has been published by official company that makes everything come up milhouse. The thickness of the book helps put the content and helpful tips into perspective.


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  • Website TitleSleepyCabin

  • Date Accessed January 25, 2019

In this url website this is an example of a podcast with lesser materials but fairly good quality. The sound effects and production of a lot of the skits they do are influential downright hilarious. Threw the effects of the sounds they use they talk about how making a podcast can be difficult but at the same time rewarding if you know what your doing. In podcasts of this calibre with a lot of people it becomes a little harder to edit but in my case it's a little easy because I’m only using two people, me and the guest.


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  • Website TitleJesse Cox

  • Article TitlePodcasts

  • Date AccessedJanuary 25, 2019

In this podcast example the format of using two people and a format with a sports section and news part but with two people you always have to have something to talk about and current situations and keep things lively. Compared to my episodic podcast it might be hard to follow a single narrative for ten episodes and have them all edited. This source is credible because it’s the official site of the Jesse Cox podcasts and how they do them. Although there production value is a little higher than the previous source, they still have a finite and simple format that is very doable and good to follow.


The re-writing and re-creating of the same old program this book describes the fundamental of a successful podcast and what involved with a podcast that involves the editing process and why it's important to have a fundamental idea of what your doing so it sounds ok. Certain editing softwares work better for certain audio with the things your trying to do. For example audacity might be better for general audio editing, while the sound part of premiere might be better for adding sound effects. Running it threw both takes a while and for the project I’m doing I don’t really have time for all the editing.


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  • Website TitleMashable

  • Article Title7 Tips for Launching a Successful Podcast

  • Date PublishedMarch 25, 2011

  • Date AccessedJanuary 25, 2019

This article describes the simplicity 7 things you can do to make your podcast successful. It describes what kind of resources you might need for making a quality podcast. The main thing that caught my eye about this article is that if you want your podcast to have a certain theme or quality to it you have to spend a lot of your time dedicated to editing and without visual queues you have to listen very closely to how your recording and make sure cut any parts that are no good. Looking at certain points at your podcast, you can make markers so while your editing you know.


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  • Website TitleTimeCamp

  • Article TitleHow To Make A Successful Podcast

  • Date PublishedJune 22, 2018

  • Date AccessedJanuary 25, 2019

This article describes what are the common mistakes of new podcast goers and how certain little accidents can become bad habits in the podcast community. I know this source is credible because it is a podcast maker themselves and their experience with the podcast community. Especially when just starting out with simple technology and simple items it can become very stressful and disorganized. While this is common when making a podcast at first it becomes common place in the podcast. Making the rule set of podcast and understandability of what your interviewing and keeping in mind the questions you're asking your guest or co-host that your interviewing.


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  • Website TitleWHYY

  • Article TitleRadio & Podcasts

  • Date AccessedJanuary 25, 2019

In a more technical official way the high production value of the whyy makes its lengthy political podcast and famous guests painted a big light that easy to follow. The cuts and musical cues that help the podcast to go along. This source is credible is because whyy is a U.S and has over a 100+ episodes and podcast that has been well established in the years makes everything understandable. The whyy community has a lot of people who fund it and make it as successful as it is today. I don’t get funding so I just have to do the best I can with the things I have.


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  • Website TitleCastle Super Beast

  • Article TitleCastle Super Beast

  • Date AccessedJanuary 25, 2019

In this podcast series it gives a example of low production value and a lot of people on the podcast thru online connections. All the time that is spent in talking is 3-4hrs long and doesn’t have high production value. Looking back the podcast is very lengthy about culture and the current topic of the week. In other words having a lot of people doesn’t make it better when necessary compared to other podcasts with different values and topics. Reconsidering certain ideas during or after your podcast episodes may be necessary for certain topics such as news or a joke made in bad taste.


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  • Website TitleNPR

  • Article TitlePodcast Directory

  • Date AccessedJanuary 25, 2019

With an official company like NPR I know this is a credible source because its an organization that is has like WHYY alot influence over america. The high quality of the audience and the guests on there are very fluent and relevant. Recreating the idea of having different people from different parts of the world that have different stories to tell. Having people talk about literature in my project gives way to different personality types and different perspectives. Npr tells me that you want to have an organized citations and a healthy long podcast you have to have fairly broad questions to ask your guest.


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  • Website TitleInternational Podcast Day

  • Article TitleWhat is a Podcast

  • Date AccessedJanuary 25, 2019

In this source the world podcast day describes how different podcast come into fruition but a lot of them tend to fall flat in one place or another. I learned that to have a successful podcast I have to put a lot of time to getting to know my guest before hand and make sure where on the same pace. Having two people with weird pauses will through the whole podcast off and make the listener want to do something else. Having a story that can hook someone and make them keep listening is the main idea you want to aim for when creating a podcast.