Amani Harb Capstone

For my capstone, I wanted to explore my artistic and creative abilities. I decided to design and sew a “Modern Victorian” fashion line, mixing Victorian with modern fashion elements. There were many steps to creating a good fashion show, starting with researching Victorian fashion, sketching designs, selecting models and fabrics, sewing the pieces, and putting on the show. I was able to finish all of my pieces before the Coronavirus pandemic reached Philadelphia but unfortunately was not able to have the big event. So, to make up for the canceled event, I threw an “at-home fashion show.” My brother and I modeled all of the pieces I made and we took videos to create the feel of a real fashion show. A silver lining was that I was able to use the new sewing skills that I learned during this capstone project to support health care workers by sewing face masks. I learned a lot about the process of putting together a cohesive fashion show, for example, picking models and what colors look good on them and fit together in the show. I was a little disappointed because I was not able to complete what I set out to do, but overall this experience taught me a lot and I am still very proud of the items of clothing and masks that I made.

Capstone Bibliography