Amira Gouri Capstone

For my capstone, I made a website that presents information about the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that most people should know such as the definition of autism, facts, causes, symptoms, and treatments. I also added two podcasts where I interviewed a mother of a son on the spectrum and a special education teacher. I was originally going to make a series of podcasts with organizations and publish them on the radio and social media. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, I had to dismiss that idea and simply interview people I know through the phone. Most importantly, I learned how to make a website using and adjust it to the way I like. I also learned a lot more new information about autism such as the comorbidity of autism and other disorders that I shared on the website. My goal for this capstone is to spread awareness about ASD. I feel confident and proud of this project because I was able to share a lot of information about autism. I have a dream that one day people on the spectrum will be independent, receive the proper education, get a job, and not only benefit themselves but also the community as well and most importantly, get accepted in the society.

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