AnandaKnight Capstone2014


Name: Ananda Knight

Mentor: Elizabeth Menasion

Reason For Mentor Selection: The Reason I choose Ms. Menasion as a mentor is because she is a person in the school that I talked to often and I didn’t find it hard to converse with her and after telling her my ideas she was very supportive and we bounce new ideas off of each other well. 

 Summary: For My project I will be using media and a website to bring attention to SLA and give people insight to who we are as a school, what we do, and what makes us special. Promotional Sight for Science Leadership Academy. 

abstract: My process for this project was all about finding a good and interesting ways to present information that is factual, and needed but to stray away from it being boring or something that people feel like they are forced to visit and read. I have been creating a website that attracts the eye and pushes you to want to read and learn more. The website can be for students and teachers to visit but I envisioned to to be more for people who are interested on some of the things we do in our school and what the students do to contribute to the warming environment of the school. Going to high school is an important step in life and choosing the wrong place of attendance could affect you in the future. The website provides people with the choice to have an “inside look” of the school and should be helpful in determining if SLA is a place where perspective students and parents would like to be involved in. The website includes information as well as fun. 



1 "25 Ways to Promote Your Website or Blog." You The Designer 25 Ways to Promote Your Website or Blog Comments. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014. <>.

This website contains different ways in which a person could go about promoting a website of there own. One of my main concerns about my capstone and my website is that I will not get many viewers which is why this site is and will be very important for me to use. One thing I have already taken from the site was to use social networks to promote the website. Also when you want people to view a website it is best to make it highly accessible so the more you post leading links to it the more people you will get to view it.

2 "‘Digital Media’ - Website Template." Wix. N.p., n.d. Web. 26.  Jan. 2014. <  

This is the Wix. com site. I decided to use wix because many of my classmates said that it was very easy to use and had many interesting templates that would be useful for my video blog. It contains many different themes and templates. Here is the link to the specific website template I will be using. The reason I chose this specific template is because It is mainly for videos which is what I will be posting twice a week. I also has a good amount of tabs which is good for me because I will now be able to categorize my videos since there are different topics that I will be covering in the video blog.

3 "How to Create a Video Blog." wikiHow. N.p., n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014. <>.

This website gives information about successful ways in which you can create a blog. The site gives me step by step information about the actions I could and should take in order to make my blog successful. The site even gives suggestions as to what type of camera is  best to use for recording and gives information for if you want to record using a webcam. Another useful thing about this site is it gives advice to appearance you should have for your video blog. This site is helpful and relevant to me and my capstone because I will be creating video blogs and I would like to make sure they are as clean and organized as possible.

4 Menasion, E (2014, January 24) Personal Interview

I had a talk with Mrs. Menasion about revisions to me capstone. I asked her about a good way I could make my capstone idea accessible to students but It won’t have to be shown during advisories. Together we came up with the idea to create videos and webisodes that people could go to and find out about SLA events. At the end of our conversation we decided that I will create my own website and post video blogs about SLA, Events at SLA, and Recognizing Students at SLA.

5 "Nikon D3100 User's Guide." Nikon D3100 User's Guide. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Jan. 2014. <

This site contains information about the Nikon D3100. It is a users guide for the digital camera. The Nikon is the camera in which most of my recording will be done from. The site is useful because It tells me about every feature on the camera and how to change up your settings. Im pretty proactive with how to use the camera but in order to make the process of recording blogs and making sure there are no technical difficulties this is a good site I can refer to to refresh my knowledge. With this site I can learn all of the ins and outs of the Nikon Camera.

 6 "Personal interview." EasyBib. Imagine Easy Solutions, n.d. Web. 29 Jan. 2014. <>

This website shows how to site interviews and when you talk to a person and they give you information. The website shows how to site interviews in person, interviews by email, interviews by phone, and interviews by email. This website is helpful for me because there will be a lot of times when I ask people there opionions about the website and what they think I should change or add. I will take peoples ideas into consideration and whenever they give me ideas I will show recognition to them.

7 "Random Acts of Kindness Home Page!."Random Acts of Kindness Home Page. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Jan. 2014. <

I visited this site so that I could get ideas of random acts of kindness performed by people in the past, also it described what random acts of kindness are and how they help people. One of the segments of the video blog will be others and I performing random acts of kindness and trying to encourage others to do them too that is why this site is useful to me. Whenever I ran out of ideas for random acts of kindness of my own I can reflect on this website. The site contains tabs that have different stories people wanted to tell after they performed one of the many random acts and it seems like they all turned out to be very successful. They helped both the giver and receiver.

8 Roland, S. (2014, January 19) Personal Interview

I asked shay what Kind of things she would like to see on the website and what kind of videos I should make. She gave me a few good ideas for example she said “I could ask people around the school to show off some of their talents and make a student talent segment to the webisode.” She also said it would be a good idea if I put up dance tutorials.

9 "The OICB Radio & TV Career Tips Blog."3 Basic Tips For Entertaining Your Audience. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2014. <>.

This website is all about entertaining an audience. The website gives readers tips about how to keep viewers or an audience entertained and engaged as well as interested in what you are presenting. The reason this website is useful to me is because not only do I want my website to be informative but I want it to be interesting and not boring. The website will help me be sure about ways in which I can people interested in what I have to present.

10 "What Is a blog?." Getting Started with Blog Basics. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2014. <>.

This site gives me all the information about the basics of a blog and what exactly it is. This Site provides terminology info that I should use for the blog and when I talk about the blog to others. The site gives tips about what type of things should be posted on your blog and how you can make it to fit you as a person. The reason this site is relevant to me and my capstone because I am creating a blog so first I wanted to research what a blog is exactly and how I can make it fit to me as a person and the theme I will be blogging about.