Animal Abuse

  Animal cruelty happens all around the world. There are hundreds of thousands of recorded cases just in the U.S (that’s not including the global animal cruelty or the cases not recorded). We take what we need to survive from them. We take over their land and there homes. We take away their families. When will we ever stop taking and start treating them right? In my opinion animal cruelty and abuse is just disgusting.

  I am interested in animal cruelty because I am an animal lover, just like millions of people around the world. The animals need a voice to stop this abuse. There are many types of animal cruelty that people aren’t even aware about. People fail to recognize and report animal cruelty. The only reason this happens is because people are not aware of the laws. The thing is, laws differ from state to state. This makes no since there should be no animal cruelty period!   

  Once I saw videos of abused pigs, killed whales, and dog fighting I had to contain the tears. Dog fighting is a local case in Philadelphia where dogs are put into an arena to have vicious fights. This most of the time ends with serious injury or in some serious cases death. The dogs that are mostly used are pit-bull and Rottweiler, which are very power majestic animals.

    Pig farming abuse is highly known in the state of Iowa where there was an undercover video footage of abuse to the pigs. The company that was doing this crime was the Hormel Food Company. In this horrible caseworkers were videoed jabbing piglets and throwing them around. They beat and hit Pigs until they were not capable of walking or protecting their selves. They also were held in living conditions that were just not suitable for any life. The investigators were from the PETA and that witnessed one worker kicked the pig in his face and genitals to make the pig move. It was recorded that the worker said, “You got to beat on the bitch. Make her cry."

     The Denmark whale slaughter is a dragged on tradition by the local citizenship. The whales come close to the shore because they are friendly creatures that feel comfortable with interacting with humans. The young men of the town to prove that they are men kill them.

      Whale, dog, and pig cruelty are just a taste of the animals around the world that have been tormented.

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Alhaji Koita (Student 2015)
Alhaji Koita

I notice that all the information is clear and interesting to read, But a little to much. When you give a blog you usually don't want to change the page or click on something else. This is a long and makes people want to click something else. I wonder if you could talk about the ASPCA, and what changes they want to do. What if you could make the project smaller, such as picking a main topic. I know its on Animal Abuse but what do you want to do to make a change. How do you want change Animal Abuse.

Warda Abuali (Student 2015)
Warda Abuali

I noticed that animal cruelty is actually a big deal and you had a lot of content that proved it. I wonder if you can put a short video of animal cruelty so people can see a real life thing in front of them. What if you can find information about the latest animal cruelty that we would never expect?