Source 1: Religious Person:

My stakeholder decided to stay anonymous


  • Can we use your name to quote you or would you like to stay anonymous? If so what is your name?

  • Do you think the teens in philadelphia are safe?

  • Why is it that you have that opinion?

  • Do you think Mayor Nutter is doing a good job handling the safety of teenagers?

  • Can you name any events in Philadelphia that has threatened the safety of teenagers?

  • Do you like the curfew?

  • Do you think the curfew has helped?

  • Why do you think teenagers break the curfew?

  • What do you think the Leaders of Philadelphia have to do to make teenagers safe?

  1. stay anonymous.

  2. no

  3. too much free time

  4. the closing of schools, rec. centers, and no jobs.

  5. no

  6. no

  7. because it's a law, teens need adventure

  8. go back to # 4

This is what he emailed me the first time, however when I asked him to be more thorough on what he meant, he sent me this letter:

        Ms. Lee;

  I got my numbers wrong.To explain better,the questions you asked were based on the safety of teens and the city leaders actions toward their being.

  Safety is not only for teens but all the people should be the concept of your study because you cannot study one without the other. For example, let's talk about affordable housing and jobs. If one's parents work, they can live in a home and raise a family in a environment that can be considered a good area.

  With that in mind, everything will fall in place, as to the safety of the teens and everyone else. People care about themselves when they feel good, look good and got money. But,when things take a 180 degree turn, it's bad for everyone. Such as to the city's budget and the proposed cuts of jobs, schools, rec. centers, libraries and etc. to save money. Who will suffer.

  Actions like that will cause danger in the city because of the mental and physical state  people are in there is " No Money". Nothing and nobody is safe.

                   You see " everything is everything".

                                                                        Hope I helped

I decided to interview a religious person for my stakeholder, because I felt as though they would have a lot to say about the community that the church is in. This interview is influential because him spoke about not only the teenagers but the parents. You could really tell that he cared because he also wrote a letter that would help explain where he was coming from. I also think it’s important because people of the church works with the community to try and make it better. They go around the community trying to help people and make sure teens are on the right path. This is a reliable source because because it comes from a person who’s involved in the community.

Source 2: Article: Officials in Phila. Plan Curfews to Curb Teenage Violence

In this article it talked about how Mayor Nutter planned on setting the curfew time to 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays because he thinks it’ll prevent teenagers from being able to mob up on people. In the article it also talked about how Mayor Nutter planned on punishing not only the mob participates but their parents also. It states that the parent will be punished also if the teenager is picked up. The first time will be a warning, but the second time they will have to pay a $500 file. It also states that police patrols will also be increased to help prevent the mobs from happening. This is an influential article because Mayor Nutter speaks on the actions and shows that he isn’t playing around, that he means business.

Source 3: Organization Website: Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

This is a website about a organization called Philadelphia Youth Violence Reduction Program  (PYVP) which is a multi- agency that involved with many youth organizations and criminal justice agencies, that work together to help reduce the homicide rate of teenagers and put youth offenders on a positive path. The organization cooperated with the 24th/25th Police District to collect data about the homicide rate. In the data they collected it showed that since the opening of PYVP homicides rates are significantly lower. The organization is involves more than 10 public and private organizations with consist of 50 police officers, probation officers, and street workers. They go out to the houses of participants about 25 times a month to check in with them and make sure they are on the right track. I think this is a good website because can go to it to learn more about the program and how to get their children involved in it. If more police district get involved with the program it means that they’ll be able to prevent flash mobs from happening.

Source 4: Article: 9 Shot at Teen Party in Suburban Philadelphia

In this article it talks about a shooting that took place at a teenage party in Chester, PA. In the shooting there were 9 teenagers shot and 2 dead, they were attending a party in a social hall that had been rented out for them when the shooting took place. Mayor Wendell Butler was disheartened at the scene as he told the Associated Press, he was also surprised to find 13- year olds from Philadelphia at the party. When he asked them how did they find out about the party, they told him, “It was on Facebook.” Since then Mayor Butler had declared a state of emergency and set the curfew time to 9 pm. Butler pilot a project to install new surveillance cameras in the areas of high rate crimes. I think that this in an influential article because it talks about how the Mayor of the Chester Pa. planned on being stricter with the kids by having surveillance cameras where teenagers hang out, with will allow them to see the activity that occurs.

Source 5: Nutter Fumes After 3 Philadelphia Teens Killed in Apparent Reprisal Shooting

In this article Mayor Nutter spoke on a shooting that took place on a Tuesday night, he called the shooter a “dog.” The Mayor also told the parents of of the youth that they must teach them to “not to act like idiots and a-holes”, he was very furious in the article and it showed. Which is why I think this is a good source because it shows the reader that he actually cares. He also speaks about what the adult needs to do in order to control their kids. This is a credible source because it comes from a reliable news source, which is CBS Philly.