Annotations: Isabela Supovitz-Aznar

Annotation 1:

Warner, Dave. "Philadelphia Homeless Feeding Ban Challenged By Charities." n. page. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <>.

This article on the huffington post is mainly about the law that mayor nutter tried to pass in order for homeless people to not be fed publically anymore. The reason this article is important to my topic is because it has a lot of helpful information about this law and why it was so problematic. Many churches in philadelphia feed the homeless often, and they will no longer be able to if this law is passed. Additionally this article states that on any given night there are approximately 6,000 homeless people sleeping outdoors in Philadelphia.

Annotation 2:
"Services." project home. N.p., n. d. Web. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <>.

This website is helpful because it introduces many of the resources that homeless people have, and which they don’t. This website also includes a description and different sections of how the shelters work and what the community is like there. Many of these shelters have programs for certain problems common among homeless people in philadelphia such as drug and alcohol problems.

Annotation 3:
BEELER, CAROLYN . "Laws That Target Homeless Imperil Programs That Feed Them Outdoors." (2012): n. page. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <>.

This website also has to do with the attempted ban for feeding the homeless. The reason why this will help in my argument that homelessness is the biggest issue in philadelphia is because it has quotes that I can use from mayor Nutter about the issue, and why he wanted it passed. Unlike the other article i’m annotating for this topic, this article shows both sides of the argument, and also  gives more specific info about the churches that feed the homework and information about homeless men in philadelphia.

Annotation 4:
Yanoff, Shelly. "Havens and hope for homeless youth." n. page. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <>.

This article is lovely because it talks specifically about runaways and homeless teens in philadelphia and the support there is for them. In doing research on other places in the united states, Philadelphia not only has a higher rate of homeless teens, but they have less help for these teens. This article talks about the facilities that do help, and statistics that are helpful to my presentation.

Annotation 5:
"Facts on Homelessness." N.p., n. d. Web. Web. 14 Feb. 2013. <>.

This link has all of the facts and statistics about homelessness I could have asked for. with this I have plenty of confirmed statistics that prove why homelessness is one of the biggest issues in philadelphia. This also talks about reasons why the homeless in philadelphia are homeless, and many other things such as ethnicity and age of those who are homeless. These statistics are great for my presentation.

Interview Annotation 6:

Residential Advisor at St. Johns Hospice, Front Desk, Rhonda . Telephone Interview. 14 Feb 2013.
Rhona was extremely helpful to me, and gave me a lot of important information for my project, as well as a personal and valid opinion. She told me the most common problems and causes for homelessness are “the economy, lack of work, cost of living going up, no affordable housing, and drug problems”. When I asked her about the law that Mayor Nutter was trying to pass about not feeding homeless people in public areas she said: “I didn’t agree with it, people that are homeless are hungry, don’t have no where to go, no where to sleep...if people want to be able to see them they should be able to see them”