Antimony Print

My element is Antimony with the atomic number of 55. Antimony is a rough semi-metal, and in its metallic form, Antimony appears silvery. It is used in the electronics industry and is used in batteries. Antimony not only has been used in batteries and bullets, but is also found to be used in Egyptian mascara and eyeliner. Antimony was commonly used during Medieval times as well. It was used medicinally as a laxative pill and was said to have been in the medicine that killed Mozart.

I traced music notes floating around what is supposed to be Mozart’s grave. I decided to design my piece like this because many people lost their lives to Antimony. I drew music notes around the grave to represent one of the more famous lives it took.

After I had figured out what I wanted my design to look like, I traced it on scratch paper. I then traced it onto the foam paper and made several prints until I was satisfied with them. Finally, I matted the images.

If I were to do this project over again, I would probably change my initial design. I liked the simplicity of my image, but I would definitely make it more complex next time around. My favorite part of this assignment was researching my element. I enjoyed learning about my element. I had no idea what Antimony was, so learning about it and how far the element traced back was pretty interesting.

image1 (9)
image1 (9)