Aquatic Fear

Another freezing day waking up from a freezing sleep. Why does she keep this house so cold, it’s amazing the cold doesn't bother her. 5 missed calls and they all read mom. First thing I do is call her back. Yes, I understand it’s noon. It’s summer pretty much all I do is sleep. You know I can’t go there. Please don’t make me, Fine.

I go down stairs. Sure enough there he was just watching tv my over achieving little brother. “How long have you been awake”. Since 6. I honestly don’t know where he gets the energy. He starts asking me question after question after question. Unfortunately, yes was the answer to everyone one of them. I didn’t want to do it but I had to. Just please get dressed so we can get this over with.

About an half hour later he comes back with his bag already to go, and passes me a bag. I look in it and it a bunch of swim stuff. Is this from mom, he noods. Alright give 15. I come back down stairs and he’s waiting at the door. I grab the keys and leave the house.      

I arrive at the hell hole. My little brother runs and leaves me as always, and I just sit on the side of the pool act like I was there to relax. As I watch my little brother swim in my view is this girl. This girl I can’t put in words, how beautiful. She had on this black bikini, and there are no words. As I pretend to follow my bother with my eyes as he swims I watch her walk.   

Then I notice her eye wandered over to me. And she stares at me for a while. I still pretend like I didn’t notice, but I do. About 5 minutes later I see her start walk over to me. She can’t be walk to me maybe just by me. So I close my eyes and listen to my music. Then I hear a hey. I look up “me” I ask, she nods. She gets up and gestures for me to follow her. So I do.

She’s about 10 feet in front of me. She walking over to the deep pool and sure enough she jumps in, I sit on the side and put my feet in the water. A couple seconds later she resurfaces. She holding on to my knees. She ask what's my name. “Josh” I say. She laughs and says my name again. The way she said it made me cringe. She went under water again, and when she did I thought to myself this doesn't happen to people like me. Girls just don’t come up to you and ask you to come with them. I have to make the best of this.

When is comes up again I asked for her name. “Ella” she said. Damn even her was pretty. She asked me to pull her out of the pool, but I knew what was about to happen. I was going to put my hand out to pull her out, then she would pull me in. So at this point I knew I had to face my fear of water for this girl.

As she puts her hand out for me to pull her out, I shake my head, and just get in. I hung onto that wall with my life. I made sure Ella didn’t see me. See took me hand and pulled me out to the middle of the pool. I was trying with all my mite not to squirm. I don’t want her to know I can’t swim. Then lets me go. I went under the water then blacked out.  

By: Leah Petty