Arlana Brown Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

"Both natural processes and human activities are capable of changing the environment."-Study Island

Slow Changes to the environment include:

•Changing of the seasons

•Ecological succession

Rapid Changes to the environment include:


•Volcanic Eruptions

•Asteroid Impacts

Humans contribute to the environment in many ways, especially if they are treating the environment bad. 

•Habitat destruction

•Fossil fuels burning

•Genetically engineering organisms


•Greenhouse Gases

So we are going to focus on ecological succession and it's impact on the environment. Ecological succession is basically a process that a community undergoes and has a predictable change. Think of "I Am Legend" when you see the deers running around and trees growing in the streets. Basically that street has turned into a "forest" that's ecological succession.Example below:


Over time as you can in 1840 it started out as a pond but ended up being a forest.  In 1870 you can that some of the plants are starting to get a little bigger and that the fish are still present. In 1900 algae are starting to fill up the pond. 1930 the pond is almost covered now with a tree on the side and algae almost filling the whole thing. In the last two years the trees are more present with the pond covered with algae and dirt.

Questions to think about:

What is ecological succession?

What is primary ecological succession?

Listed below is pictures of ecological succession which one shows it the most?