Around the World

Studies have shown that America is within the top 10 fattest Countries in the world. But we're not as high as most people think. At 74% America is the 9th fattest country on the planet. Now of course this isn't the worst, but if you look at it in another way America is the fattest superpower in the World. If compared with China, there is  huge difference. Why is that? Is it dieting? What about laws and resources? Here in America any store available has an abundance of food able to make any person become a glut whether they're the regular, vegetarian or vegan. It's worthy of stating that the fattest country in the world (Nauru) isn't number one due to over eating, but from disease. This is an excusable case from saying that these people are a bunch of gluts. Just to point out, the skinniest country in the world is eritrea with on a 4% obesity rate. That may not be the healthiest possible state if that was America.