Art 2- Final Slideshow

This quarter in art, I learned many different, useful skills. 
This first assignment was figures. I did three different figures, drawing inspiration from dance. The first is a ballerina. The second lady is just sitting. The last on I lady is dancing modern. 
The second assignment was the lines assign,net, where we got to choose from different options. I chose blind contour as my first one because we had previously done it and I enjoyed it. I did a blind contour of a water bottle. Thes second was a gesture drawing and the final one was a planar analysis drawing of a woman. 
The third assignment this quarter in art was where we had to use a website and use colorful shapes to create an art piece. I started off by trying to make a robot face, and from their it transformed into its own art piece. I added bubble and many things as such. 
Next, is my space drawing. I wanted to do a city, drawing inspiration from where I lived, Philadelphia. I included the streets, sidewalks and tall building to match with my theme.
Up next is texture drawings. I drew three different cups, all incorporating the different textures and shadings i learned from the link in the assignment. 
My next piece of art is my value drawing assignment where we were given the option to draw still life, so I drew a still life of two objects.
Last is my elements of art piece, where I took all of the things I have arend this quarter and put them all into one peice of artwork. You can see textures, and shadings, colors and shapes, everything I learned this quarter.
Overall, this quarter in art, I have many great takeaways that I can use in the future.