Art 2 Q2 Artist Statement

This marking period in art, we worked on many different assignments. These included: Blind Contouring, Adding Color to Blind Contour, Make a Painting, Recreate a Piece of Art, Illustrate a Piece of Writing and Edit a Photo.

The first two assignments went hand in hand. We had to close our eyes and draw something without lifting the pencil from off of the table. We then ad to color those same drawings. This was my favorite piece from this quarter, it was fun and relaxing in a way. A few of the things I drew were a stuffed animal, a basketball player and a telescope.

The next assignment was Make a Painting. We had to create anything we wanted to, we just had to paint it. I decided to paint the Dominican Republic flag, since that is where I am from. I used the colors red white and blue because those are the colors of the flag, and also used green for the leaves on the flag. I painted the letters in gold.

Next, was Recreate a piece of Art. I recreated a painting based off of ¨El Dia De Los Muertos¨, ¨Day of the Dead¨. Painting the background of this piece was fun. I mixed colors like green, yellow and brown all together. The Painting was two skeletons(a couple) which goes with the entire theme of the day of the dead in Mexico.

After that assignment came the Illustrating a piece of writing. The piece of writing I chose was an album by my favorite spanish artist Ozuna, his album was named ¨Odisea¨. The The used paint to raw the album color which included a brown stuffed bear in a hoodie, with his name in the hoodie and his album logo in black on the top.

The last Assignment of the year was photo editing. I took two pictures and used an app to edit it. I added filters and played around with things such as enhancements.

Overall, this marking period in art I drew a lot of inspiration from my life and my identity. For instance, My flag represents where I am from and the illustrate a piece of writing represents my taste in music.