Art Perspective

This whole project is about a lesson on perspective. First we started out with learning what a horizon line is, a vertical line, a horizontal line, and orthogonal. We drew boxes showing us the different styles of perspective. We drew a worm for the view from below the horizon line and a bird for the birds eye view. Then we started to draw the room. The whole room is really just boxes, horizontal lines, vertical lines, and orthogonal lines. It is also suppose to have furniture in my room, however I haven't gotten that far due to me not being present in classes. 

Although I haven't completed my project just yet, I have had a technique to doing the project. I have to just get into my own world and draw. I can't be afraid to mess up my paper because then your paper is really not going to be as detailed as it could be. A lot of this project is to just "wing it". I also I have to use my "artist eye" and make some artist choices for myself. 

What was easy to learn was making the ceiling. The ceiling was so easy because I used a tool called the helper line. This is a line that you use to help draw your ceiling or even your floors, if they have tiles.

What was hard to learn was when I was suppose to make a straight line or a diagonal line. However, that all goes into using your "artist eye".

Tamatha has a really good drawing. This drawing is detailed and it is actually very interesting. I could sit there and look at her picture and be entertained. Click on her name, which is a link that will take you to her blog.