Art Slide - Sean

​To start of this project we first learned about how to draw objects in perspective by drawing cubes. While doing this we learned about birds eye view which meant that if the cube was below the vanishing point then we would be able to see the top of the cube and the worm eye view if the cube was above the vanishing point then all we would be able to see is the bottom.  Then from there we learned how to draw a room in perspective.  After that we started the final process and stated drawing the picture's of the art room.  First I drew the walls then i started to add more details to the walls I may have tried to do too many details though because i didn't get to finish.  It was easy to learn how to do the perspective because I had already learned it.  The hardest part to learn was the making things come out of the wall too.

Artist who did this project well, Nicholas Doroba.
It was well done because he added just enough detail to make it look like real, but not to much as to make him not get enough done.