Artificial Intelligence- Veronica Nocella

Science: My 5 minutes of Science focuses on the specific aspects of AI that scientists focus on, like human biology and neurology, & what is more significant in the further advancement of AI research. I also focus on Cybernetics, and how creating artificial simulations of animals was essentially the genesis of AI research

Society: I talk about the pros and cons of AI advancement; AI robots can help in natural disaster relief and in medicine, can lead to the creation of more efficient prosthetic limbs, and can eventually solve problems as large as climate change.

Self: Personally, I researched Artificial Intelligence because I used to be incredibly afraid of it. The idea of robots having human emotion and compassion made me immediately think we could be taken over by robots; I was afraid of creating something smarter than us. However, after I did further research, I realized how much AI robots could actually help us further develop our society for the better.