Artist Statement and Slideshow- Shamble

This marking period, I tried to enhance the level of detail I put into my art. I tried my best to improve my coloring as well- so when I was supposed to color some art piece I tried to make it as vibrant and engaging as possible.I did not end up completing all of the assignments because I kept getting distracted by art that wasn't the assignment and did not fit the requirements of the assignment. (I put two such pieces in the slideshow.)
I also experimented with different mediums- I used crayons, colored pencils, scented markers, brushtip india ink markers, and pencil. Mostly this was to gage my capabilities with said mediums, and I liked my brushtip india ink markers the best out of all of them. Crayons were a close second.
What I need to improve on for next quarter is how to do my sketches so I end up with smoother, better lineart. That will probably be my biggest goal.