Artist Statement Q3

This quarter I think maybe have been the easiest of all the other other quarters. I feel like I am definitely trying harder than I was before and it's showing in my work. For the first assignment which was the bike drawing, I think it was the hardest simply because it was the largest. It was really hard for me to get every part of the bike on the paper and capture all the little but important details of the bike. For the optical illusions I was confused as to how to make an illusion at first but when I got it they both didn't turn out how I expected but I tried and I suppose that´s all that really matters.  For the shading forms I attempted to make it look like the examples given to us with the shading. I redid it twice because I kept messing up on it, I just had to realize I had to make it my own and that I couldn´t keep trying to follow the examples. My eye drawing might be the piece from this quarter I´m proudest of. I took a lot of time on it to get a lot of detail and make it look as realistic as possible. I think what I ended up with was better than I expected it to be and I love it so much. My favorite piece from the entire quarter on the other hand would have to be the mandala drawing. I had so much fun using all the bright colors and patterns to make it. I liked that we got to make it our own and it was fun seeing everyone do something different with theirs. Overall I think this quarter I improved on trying in art. I think I am comfortable now with doing things in this class, I no longer look at the assignments as impossible to do I just do them now. I´m really excited to see what happens with the rest of school year and look forward to getting better in my artwork.