Artist Statement Q3

I completed the majority of the assignments on time this marking period. The bike was one of my favorites to do. I used a straightedge, markers and a shiny gel pens for the metal. I also really enjoyed doing the illusion drawings. I decided to do small lines with two circles because I do these types a lot and I wanted a challenge. I added a colorful pattern after inking it. I don't remember the exact pencils I used for the shading, but I used a variation of H's and B's to complete the different areas. My lines were messy and streaky, so I smudged some of the shapes, but ended up getting it all over the paper. For the eye project, I drew two smaller ones instead of one larger eye. I tend to draw smaller and with less detail, so I had trouble with my first attempt at this assignment. I ended up just drawing these two and submitting it. The last thing we did was the mandala. I took inspiration from the detailed flowery types, and placed that in small portions of my piece. I tried to incorporate circles with a few scattered triangles. The color scheme came from a Gap commercial I had seen the day before. I saw a lot of the same shapes I had used, and decided to use those bright colors on my mandala. Overall I like most of what I did this quarter.