Artist Statement Q4

I think this was a good quarter for me. I actually liked the art that I created. The photo editing was helpful because I take a lot a detail oriented photos and knowing how to edit them is essential. The figure drawing was difficult at first; I had trouble finding a model and translating that image on to a larger scale paper. I think the only areas that I would redo are the neck and one of the feet. Both the figure drawing and the line drawings were difficult because the focus was human anatomy. The practice was definitely helpful though. The illusion of space was my favorite. I tried a new art style and I really like how it came out. I wish I had more time to add to the scene and draw the monster better. The texture drawings were very helpful, and I used one of the patterns in my final Elements of Art piece. I also really like the last piece even though the anatomy of the chest is rough and the snake took a long time to draw. Overall I really enjoyed this quarter.