As I Look Back on Q1...

My group sat down the first three days of class and all we did was brainstorm ideas and focus points on the project. We let ourselves be limitless in the possibilities we suggested to each other so that we didn't feel trapped to only certain types of ideas. Once we got all our ideas out in the air we threw out all the ones we all agreed were really not going to work. Then we narrowed it down to the two ideas that we really liked and decided between those two. 

After an overall theme was decided on, we all divided up to do our individual parts. We all had a role to make something that was done well enough to inspire change. As for myself, I was challenged to put together a song and video that would encourage voting in a creative and captivation way.  Doing the song took me out of my comfort zone because I usually don't like to sing for an audience and for projects. (Extremely self conscience about how I sound). Despite the insecurities I got through the song and video pretty okay by my own standards. 

This entire project and its process has really evolved my understanding of democracy in the US and the electoral process. I realized that there are a lot of different opinions on voting and reasons for voting. Many people will argue that people fought hard for voting rights and that we should be more conscience of that. Others will argue that because we have the right to vote by choice, we can chose to not vote and not be persecuted for it. 

Our group decided to make voting mandatory and the way we enforced it, was a gentle forcefulness.