Ashlye Fitzmaurice Q2 Media Fluency

Ashlye Fitzmaurice Media Slide
Hello, and welcome to my slide. If you did not know, my name is Ashlye Fitzmaurice and I love fashion. But today, I would not be talking about what I love. Instead, I will be talking about why I decided to arrange my slide a certain way and why I decided to put the things I put on my slide. Based on the vocabulary provided by Presentation Zen, I created this slide. First, my Media Slide is visual. For instance, I included a visual image of fashion itself. Next, my slide has one point; that point is as simply as fashion is my passion.  In addition, the size of my words are big enough to read, they jump in your face! Furthermore, I did not leave to much empty space. I did not want too much going on at once. Therefore, I made the few points I had big. Lastly, my visual theme is simple and clean. My theme is not over the top or crazy; it is as clean as the clothes I am wearing right now!
Creating a slide was more difficult than I thought it was going to be. Learning the techniques of creating a slide really opened my eye and perspective towards other advertisements and slides. I learned that a slide should not have too much or too little words on it. You want to grab the person's attention to tell them a point. I think that's the most important lesson I learned about creating a slide. You want to grab the person's interest to state your point with just a slide or bill board. I learned a lot more, but that was the most important aspect of creating a slide that stood out to me. 
Ashlye Fitzmaurice Media Slide (1)
As you can probably notice, my second slide looks a little different. I changed a few things, but the first thing I changed was the text beneath my picture. I felt as if it had no use and it just brought the attention to too many areas. It may had confuse people so I decided to take it out. Next, after deleting the text, I decided to drag my picture all the way down. Now that I look at it, it looks so much better. It sort of pops in your face and that's exactly what I was achieving. Lastly, I rotated "fashion is my passion" to a certain angle because I wanted it to match up with my shoulder. In the other slide, it was off and it was not lined up correctly. So therefore, I measured it towards my shoulder and already, the background complimented to the color of my scarf.  

Comments (3)

Destiny Preito (Student 2017)
Destiny Preito

I notice that you took into consideration the things that we told you when you presented with the pictures and stuff

I wonder what made you change the picture sizes

What if you changed the font on the slide

Shaina-Nicole Keenan (Student 2017)
Shaina-Nicole Keenan

I notice the difference between the sizing and placement of your pictures. Also, you used rule of the thirds very well, and it makes your slide simplistic and clean.

I wonder what your slide would look like if you chose a different font style. I say this to spark your imagination about what style would flow better.

What if you focused on the font style, and took less focus on contrast and more on bleeding the picture perhaps.

Otter Jung-Allen (Student 2017)
Otter Jung-Allen

I noticed that there is a very well done difference between the first and second slides in terms of space relationships, aesthetics, bleeding techniques and clarity. You took the suggestions you were presented with and used them very, very well! By bringing down "my" and evening out the paragraph of the sentence, it created a warmer slide overall and did not seem awkward or forced. :) You took out the subtext underneath your picture which made the entire message more clear (definitely a plus because one of the big points about billboards and slides like these in media fluency is being able to look and digest the message in less than three seconds). By taking out the subtext, you also made the picture take up exactly half of the page and bleed off just a tiny bit, which made the entire slide look simpler and much better!

I wondered if you would insist on keeping the subtext where it was, moving it to another place, changing its font or taking it out completely. And you took it out instead of messing around with it! Now that I see the slide without it I realize that it was the right decision for ingestion time and space relationships. What if you centered the text and made it not diagonal? The contrast between the colors of the letters and the background and the scarf is absolutely perfect because it makes it feel warmer and inclusive, but the text (while the diagonal angle works well) COULD be horizontal. That would definitely make it neater, but is that what you want? It's just a suggestion. Thanks!